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It’s A New Day, It’s The Same Old World…Or Is It?

Cover of "Pay it Forward"

Cover of Pay it Forward

Does everything automatically change with the clock at midnight? – the clock that on that magic hour on that magic day begins a brand new year?  Well this year I say YES – I say Yes to the possibilities – Yes to the changes I can make in people’s lives – Yes to speaking the truth – Yes to bringing happiness & joy & love to people – Yes to making a difference!

This is the year I will – do and be the things I dreamed of in 2010…I want to show people everywhere that the things they want to do in 2011 are possible too  –  I know this all looks so much like pooh-pooh or fluff…but don’t YOU want to make a difference this year?

We have possibilities everywhere in front of us – we just have to reach out to that star and see that it isn’t a falling star – it’s a sun with an infinite source of light and love and hope – – I know that with just one phone call, we can reach out to someone who needs that helping hand today.  When they can’t see the light for the darkness – We must be that candle – We must be that anchor they can hold on to in their storm!

Do you see it? – Do you have vision? – What do YOU want to do this year??? –  TOGETHER we can do ANYTHING…Do you believe?  Do you feel  it?  It isn’t about ME – It’s about WE! – There are ways to bring small changes in to our lives, our homes, our bodies that can bring about big changes.  The toxins in our minds are every bit as prevalent as the toxins in our homes. Bringing a way for people to provide for their families through the spirit of the entrepreneur – a way to make a change in that household finance plan while making a difference in other’s lives too!

It’s a brand new day and a brand new year.  How can I help you be what you want to be? – Am I rambling – probably – that’s the way my mind usually runs – from spot to spot and back again…cat’s at the window – gotta let him in…dog’s asleep on my bed…hubby’s at the Fiesta Bowl game with the guys…and I’m here – writing this blog – why?  Because I have something to say in 2011 – I have something to write in 2011…This is my turn to Pay It Forward!!!  My turn to help someone else!!!

Hear me – See me – Touch me – Feel me – Ooh – I’m quoting from “Tommy”…I guess things do come back around…She says with a smile on her lips and a twinkle in her eye…As my hubby told me today, we may not always be liked, but do you know you’re loved?

Helping In Small Ways

In an article by Kristen Jacoway in the I was moved to not only share the article, but to in-fact pass it on in its entirety…

She writes – Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a job seeker learn about the latest and greatest tools to help you succeed.

No Job, No Home, No Food – Will You Help?
Perhaps this issue’s column should be entitled “Using the Web for Good!” Given the fact that we are approaching the holidays, I wanted to re-post from my website. The following article was and continues to be one of the most popular that I’ve written. I have been trying to perform random acts of kindness this season – giving a waitress a tip that amounted to the purchase price of the meal, paying for someone’s coffee behind me at a coffee shop, and more. As we approach the holidays, remember that for some people, this is a time of their darkest moments. Most of us are filled with hope, joy, and family. At the same time others are wondering how they will feed their family, much less buy gifts.

This past weekend, I saw a man holding a sign that said, “No Job, No Home, Please Help” kneeling on one knee at the entrance of where people turn to get on the interstate. We have all seen the signs, “Will Work for Food” and other signs like it amid the recession and high unemployment rates. What can we do to help? The image especially troubles me at this time of the year, but indeed, breaks my heart year-round. I want to help, like many of you, but have not been sure of a good way to help.

I identified some items you can easily have in your car to help those that are holding those signs.

Ideas for Hospitality Bags

Look up “Shelters” in your Yellow Pages and put the shelter (s) name on a card with their address and phone number. Have some calling cards available to give to people so that they know where to go and call for help.

From e-How, I found the things you’d want to include in a Hospitality Bag (written by Bob Waldrop). You can view the full article here, “How to Make a Hospitality Bag to Help the Homeless.” Below are some of Mr. Waldop’s suggestions:

•Paper lunch bags
•Small packaged foods like Vienna sausages, sardines, peanut butter and crackers, etc.
•Granola or “power” bars
•Clean socks
•Hand lotion
•Hard candies
•Small servings of canned fruit or pudding
•Plastic zip lock bag
•Dry washcloth
•Small soap
•Napkin and spoon
Some other ideas for your hospitality bag include potted meat, individual sizes of peanut butter, applesauce, juice boxes, individual packages of nuts or cheese crackers, bottled water, and / or individual packages of cereal.

You could also assemble hygiene bags to distribute that include such things as toilet paper, soap, shampoo, deodorant, feminine products, toothpaste, dental floss, and / or diapers. At this time of the year, having some extra gloves, hats, blankets, sweat-shirt, sweat pants, or anything warm is a very helpful . You never know if there might be an entire family affected and this person is the one who is going out looking for help.

You may decide to go and purchase a meal for them at a fast food restaurant so that they may have a warm meal.

A homeless man in Paris

Image via Wikipedia

I have seen many people in a public place (i.e. in the downtown area, by the interstate, etc.) and it would be very easy to have these kits available in my car to give to someone. I’ve read where one man assembles these types of kits (including the blankets) in a thrift store backpack to hand out to people. Of course, be careful and approach people with caution. Make sure you are in a busy area where other people are present.

The weekend is here – Are you working?

Just curious – I am going to be working the majority of the weekend and sometimes it feels like it never stops.  But I have to see the bigger picture of things.  I have to see the end-game.  I keep telling myself that I do.

But why are so many people willing to “say” they want to do the extra work necessary to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and move ahead for themselves and their families or whatever it is that is important to them, but unwilling to actually do the work?  Have I written on this before?  I feel like it’s something that just grinds me over and over.  It’s not like it is only the younger generation or the Gen Y or the Gen X or even the baby boomer generation.  Are people tired or are they less motivated today than before?

Yesterday I read in Penelope Trunk‘s blog about her farmer and how he views things today – she writes, “I asked the farmer how he gets the cows to go to the corral. He says he used to try to force them. And it was always frustrating because they didn’t want to go. He was always fighting against them.  Now he tells himself he has an infinite amount of time. He tells himself it doesn’t matter when he gets them in the corral as long as he’s making progress. Sometimes he loses one or two cows as he’s going, but he knows they’ll come later if he gets the rest of them. And sometimes, if a cow isn’t coming with the rest, he tries to get her to go the opposite direction, away from the herd, and it confuses her so much that she follows the herd.  The farmer tells me that he stays calm and tells himself he just needs to be making progress.”

A picture of a Hereford bull. Taken by the US ...

Image via Wikipedia

I think I would like her farmer…But, maybe I need to just learn from what she has shared about him in this post.  “How to know if you’re making progress”.  I don’t very often refer people to a Penelope Trunk blog because, for me, she goes a little over the top, but I still find myself reading it and finding things to use in everyday ways.

I want people to be successful and I want to help them – yes, I do believe in “Pay It Forward“.  I am willing to work for others to be successful – we are in this together; or is that what we’ve forgotten?  There are alternative ways to be successful and we all measure success with different metrics.

Cover of

Cover of Pay it Forward


So, me & Penelope’s farmer are going to just keep doing what we do and I’m going to keep putting one foot in front of the other and know that as long as I keep moving forward I’m making progress.  Then the other things will all come along – eventually.

Healthier New Year – For YOU!

Have I lost my mind? Am I too old to start a company of my own? Even if it is a part-time, home-based business? I don’t know, but I’m jumping in with both feet and I’m going to give it my all. I’ve joined up with a woman who was recruited in to the health & wellness industry and who has really found the way to make it work for her. She’s not afraid of hard work and neither am I, so I’m hoping that while I benefit her team, she in turn will teach me the tricks she’s learned over the last 10 years.

It would be silly for me to try to re-invent the wheel. She’s successful because she has other people who have helped her and now, she is paying it forward with me.

I saw an article today on asking “Is my mascara toxic” and realize how prevelent so many toxins are in our homes, in our hands, and on our children’s bodies every day.

It is scary – I’ve even learned recently that many, if not all, of the cleaning products we use are full of deadly poisons that we unaware of. I’m not trying to be the chicken crying out “the sky is falling”, but even the dryer sheets we use to soften our pillowcases with actually contain formaldehyde and we lay our heads on pillowcases hoping for a peaceful nights sleep and wonder why we wake up day after day with dull headaches that never go completely away…Well DUH!

We’ve used our cleaning products year after year with no real thought to how they might be affecting our children and this planet we all live on. Scientists are now studying links between these toxins to such things as ADD, ADHD and even Autism. There are better alternatives – and we have to get the word out – – we don’t have to keep poisoning our children, our grandchildren and the planet itself…

People may wonder why I chose the name Distinct Inspirations for my business name…I found that when I wanted to start my own company, I wanted something very different in my pursuits – Distinct to me stands for unique and Inspirations meant motivation. A unique motivation is exactly what has led me to the company I am now with.

Healthier supplements that actually absorb in to our body, cleaning products that are better at their job AND better for us…non-toxic, completely safe, with no Skull & Bones on the bottles – Unique Motivation – Distinct Inspirations -I look forward to hearing from many of you – because this is the “last business” I will have to build.

With better products than you can find in your stores and safer, at better prices than even your local dollar store for many of them – who wouldn’t want that for their famliy and that’s why I know many of you will be in touch! I’m a Granny too and I am horrified by what I’ve used in my home all these years. But, not any more…CONTACT ME at for more information!!!

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