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Moms with Sick Children Get Day of Pampering

Moms with Sick Children Get a Day of Pampering

This was, for me, a day of amazement, vision, love, hugs and so much more.  I was thrilled when Patricia Burkhardt Mitchell, owner of the Sincerely Yours Salon in Phoenix, Arizona invited me to be a part of the day she has set aside every year for the last four years – the day following Mother’s Day.  She takes her salon, stylists, massage therapist, manicurists and makeup artists, and so many more to descend on Phoenix Children’s Hospital to pamper those moms who are day in and day out at their children’s sides who are ill and confined to the hospital for a myriad of reasons!  It was also captured on film through the artists at Brett Noe Productions.

This blog post is not to “promote a specific company or person” but rather to acknowledge and thank those that helped put this all together.  2 years ago my grandson was in Phoenix Children’s Hospital for more than a week and was diagnosed with a form of epilepsy and so I know personally how trying that time can be on parents & grandparents and how hard the nurses and doctors and staff all work to help heal these little ones.

I was able to experience life and the willingness to persevere through each one of the moms and the little girls who came down to be pampered.

This is Kimmie – she’s four years old and suffering from a form of cancer.  She wanted hair, but when Char McCreadie sprinkled magic sparkling fairy dust on her hands and cheeks – she giggled like the little girl she is. – Talk about tears…from all of us including mom!

And then there was this young beautiful girl who turned 16 that very day and we gathered around and sang Happy Birthday to her while she was having her hair done…

Celebrating 16th Birthday at the hospital...

It was so humbling to see how these moms and children face each day with life-changing illnesses.  The love and hope and giving was beyond what I ever expected to see.  To hear one mom say “after 3 weeks here at the hospital, today I feel like a real person”…and another “I can’t believe that someone would care enough to come down here and do this for us…for me…I feel pretty again”.

Each of these moms and grandmothers and aunts and guardians are giving everything they have to give to their little ones and to be able to give back even a little was an honor & day I will never forget!

Thank you Sincerely Yours Salon for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful experience!

Green, Greener, Toxins, Carcinogens – And this means WHAT?

Well, what it means is that all of those things we’ve been taught are “good” for us – is bunk!  We’re poisoning our bodies, our planet, and our families with the lies that the major manufacturers and advertisers have told us for decades.  Soap Operas were called that because advertisers had to wrap something around their advertisements – Some of the young people who read this will go “Yea, right!”…

Left side Jar: Tide 2X, Right side Jar: Melapower 6X

It’s true and those of my generation who are suffering the effects of these toxins we’ve brought in to our homes will attest that what I’m saying is true!

I found this funny in my quick research.

Tide doesn’t have any real difference from the others other than fragrance. All laundry detergents are mostly water, with surfactants (which basically lower surface tension on clothes to allow molecules to release), usually some enzymes which are targeted at specific common “dirty” material, and sometimes fabric softener.

For exact ingredients go to “Tide Laundry Detergent MSDS” . All products on the market are required to publish Material Data Safety Sheets.

& surfactants in detergents help remove organic compounds from a substance by making them dissolve more readily in the water.ter in which the substance is washed. (

Read more:

Surfactants are largely made from the waste bi-products of the petroleum industry. Some time ago, scientists managed to combine propylene and benzene, producing sulphuric acid and then neutralise it by adding sodium hydroxide. The result was a product rather like natural soap and suddenly marketers were able to develop a new commercial must-have consumer line of detergents.

I actually found a blog posting that has great information about the levels of cancer-causing agents and hormone changing chemicals that are in our every  day products. – The author ends with a Call To Action – We must start now to break the cycle we have been trained to believe was the only way to go.

This isn’t a joke and honestly there is nothing funny about it – although I truly wish there was!  Then writing this would be easy not having to search out the truth among all the ads, blogs, and websites that constantly send you back to the pollution/cancer-causing manufacturers. It’s amazing and sad…

My call to action is to ask that you check out – come – find out what I’m about and let me know how I can help you! – The password to the guest area is AdvancingWithUs – I look forward to being of service to you!  I’m here to help!

The Killer Is Hiding In Your Laundry Room…

Is it a mass murderer with a knife?  A crazed person from your neighborhood store with a gun?  A maniac with a chemical poison to throw in your face?

What if I told you it is all 3 and you paid him to be there?  What do you think?  Impossible, you say?

We have demanded that the big chemical companies come up with better, harsher, more chemical-laden products to work faster, and more efficiently and always for less money…that last part “less money” is what gets you every time.  You can go to any dollar store in the USA and find products on the shelves that promise to do the same thing as their higher-priced counterparts in the supermarkets; and dollar for dollar – they probably do.

But, what you’re bringing in to your home, whether it’s from the $1.00 store or from the supermarket, or even from the “healthy” stores are the poisons and the carcinogens and the knife, the gun, the chemical poison and yes, you are the one paying for the murderer to hide right in your own laundry room.

We as consumers are not as educated as we should be.  We want the better, bigger,  more powerful and what we end up bringing in to our homes around our children, pets and yes, ultimately the environment is the very poison that will destroy our health, our homes, our lives and our planet if we don’t make a change.  We can’t continue to demand that companies make more and more toxic products for cleaning and laundry and pest controls – all to make us more “productive”.  We can NOT continue to be that ignorant.

Tide V Melapower

We must get the word out that there are alternatives. – Let me show you – Take a simple test on for yourself – see what poison, loaded gun, and knife-wielding killer is hiding in your home!

My Old Man…That’s what he calls himself…

Grand Canyon, Arizona. The canyon, created by ...

That is not what I call him. I call him my friend, my confidant, my lover, my help-mate, my soul-mate, and he has now been gone for almost 3 weeks hunting in the mountains with several other people from our church. Big annual deer & elk hunt…spread across half the state of Arizona.

I miss him…so much…and him being gone always reminds me of how much he means to me. I think it’s sad that he has to be gone from my life for me to remember how much I love him…It shouldn’t be that way at all. He will tell me that I have hundreds of brothers & sisters at the church to encourage me and keep me going when the way looks hard…and as much as I love them and they love me –  they’re still not him.

He’s coming home this weekend (God-willing) and I am picking up 2 of my 4 grandbabies to come stay with me until he gets home.  They miss him horribly when he’s gone – He’s the Principal & 5th-8th grade teacher at the private school at Pleasantview and so 3 of my grandbabies see him 5-6 times a week.  Heck – they see him more than I do…

But, tonight after work I am heading over to Pleasantview and hopefully have dinner with my babies and hug them and love them and tell them how much I miss them when I don’t see them.  To let them know too that Papa will be home in just a few more days and he’ll be all dirty and stinky when he walks in.  But that we’ll hold our noses and throw our arms around him and hug him and kiss him like he was the prodigal son coming home.

Then we will DEMAND he take a minimum of a 1 hour shower and come out and kiss us and hug us all over again!!!

Rising to the Challenge

This map shows the Urban Villages in Phoenix, ...

Image via Wikipedia


This weekend I had the distinct pleasure of caring for 2 of my grandbabies. Isaiah is 4 and Leilani is 2 – they’re brother & sister and I must confess I was afraid of watching 2 at the same time alone. Everyone’s up hunting in the mountains so it was just me and them. It was a complete ball…not bragging, because I know it has to do with their parents and how they are loved and being raised, but they were so good.

We called it a “Granny Weekend” (that’s me – Granny) and we did silly things like coloring and cooking and yes – we snuck to McDonald’s last night for dinner (SHHHH) but they were a total delight and I know now that I can do it.  They also helped me at the Laveen, AZ Health Fair (Thanks to Bernadette Gasior of the Gourmet Bunny Jewelry and Laveen Fitness Boot Camp) on Saturday until the heat got to much for them…I don’t know what I was afraid of – that they’d be hyperactive – or unable to be calm with a Granny that tends not to be!  They didn’t even cry one time and at 4 & 2 it’s kind of expected…and Isaiah takes very good care of his little sister.

So, I figure if I can do that &  have fun & survive…I can do anything!  So, that’s what I am going to do – Not just survive, but thrive.  There is no reason why with all the gifts God has given me that I can’t share those gifts with everyone I meet.

My company, Distinct Inspirations, is my own home-based business as a Marketing Executive for Melaleuca.  I’m so honored to be a part of this organization and want to share with anyone who will listen the benefits of having better, safer, non-toxic products in their homes & lives.  This isn’t a plug for my own company, but it is definitely a comment of  my dedication to show anyone, anywhere, anytime, how they can be a part of the “green movement” with a company that has been “green” for more than 25 years…long before “green” was cool!  I hope if you’re reading this that you’ll take the time to give me a shout and let me show you how it can work for you and your family and household!

My Oh My Oh My – Is it time yet?

Pret: Good Stuff (Chinese Proverb)

Image by Rob Enslin via Flickr

Time is not on our side – we have to live every minute of every day in a state of urgency – Why? – because we have so much to say and so much to do before our “time” is up…I have just started my website… to bring the importance of having safe, non-toxic products in every room of our homes and lives!

In Tristan Lee’s posting in Ezine, “People don’t value time these days, because, well, it’s not money. It’s not something that you can touch or hold in your hands. You can’t really see time. You can see time passing by on a clock… but that’s not too exciting is it? Although passing time isn’t that big of a concern to most people, time in fact is one of the most precious things we as human beings have.”

We have to take care of our children, grandchildren and yes, even the planet! – Regardless of what you have heard or believe – there are ways for us to care for all of these things…that are cost-effective and easy to bring in to your homes.  We run and run and try to get everything done in a day and we don’t even realize how valuable our time is.  What is the value of your time?

A Chinese proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.”  We have such a responsibility to care for what God has given us…it is all so precious – including the very next breath we take.  If you have something that is better for your family, your home, yourself…do you want to know about it?  What motivates you?  What in your life do you love, care for, would lay down your life for?

Your time is invaluable!  You must know this and accept it!  Your family & friends will never be able to gain back time with you that is already passed – but there is a better way to take time and spend it with your family.  There are better ways and I hope that you will be in contact – @ and let me show you how!  Every minute of every day has a $ assigned to it…and I am really curious – how much is your time worth?

CALLING ALL LADIES: Toxins IN Your Cosmetics

To me, this is utterly horrifying…I’m a woman who puts on makeup 7 days a week…again wondering why I’m not able to function at 150% like I need to right now in my life…

(July 22nd, 2010, posted by Michael O’Heaney

Surprise, surprise: the big cosmetics companies aren’t such big fans of the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 – legislation introduced yesterday to more strictly regulate their business, or of our new movie. The Personal Care Products Council went so far as to issue a statement calling Story of a “repugnant and absurd…shockumentary.”

There’s a good reason the cosmetics industry doesn’t like all the attention it’s getting: for years, they’ve been largely left alone to decide what’s safe to put in their products. You know, things like lead in lipstick. Neurotoxins in body spray. Carcinogens in baby wash.

Now that’s repugnant!

Yesterday, the industry front group released their own plan for “reforming” cosmetics industry regulation—basically a lame, watered-down version of the kinds of changes that would really help to make our products safer and healthier.

To learn more about the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010,, or check out Stacy’s blog to learn more about the industry press conference.

Now is a critical time to really turn up the volume on personal care product safety and to demand that Congress forces cosmetics companies to get the neurotoxins and carcinogens out of our personal care products.)

We must care what we use ON – IN – AROUND us – we have children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, already here with us or yet to be born…What legacy will we leave our children?

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