Rising to the Challenge

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This weekend I had the distinct pleasure of caring for 2 of my grandbabies. Isaiah is 4 and Leilani is 2 – they’re brother & sister and I must confess I was afraid of watching 2 at the same time alone. Everyone’s up hunting in the mountains so it was just me and them. It was a complete ball…not bragging, because I know it has to do with their parents and how they are loved and being raised, but they were so good.

We called it a “Granny Weekend” (that’s me – Granny) and we did silly things like coloring and cooking and yes – we snuck to McDonald’s last night for dinner (SHHHH) but they were a total delight and I know now that I can do it.  They also helped me at the Laveen, AZ Health Fair (Thanks to Bernadette Gasior of the Gourmet Bunny Jewelry and Laveen Fitness Boot Camp) on Saturday until the heat got to much for them…I don’t know what I was afraid of – that they’d be hyperactive – or unable to be calm with a Granny that tends not to be!  They didn’t even cry one time and at 4 & 2 it’s kind of expected…and Isaiah takes very good care of his little sister.

So, I figure if I can do that &  have fun & survive…I can do anything!  So, that’s what I am going to do – Not just survive, but thrive.  There is no reason why with all the gifts God has given me that I can’t share those gifts with everyone I meet.

My company, Distinct Inspirations, is my own home-based business as a Marketing Executive for Melaleuca.  I’m so honored to be a part of this organization and want to share with anyone who will listen the benefits of having better, safer, non-toxic products in their homes & lives.  This isn’t a plug for my own company, but it is definitely a comment of  my dedication to show anyone, anywhere, anytime, how they can be a part of the “green movement” with a company that has been “green” for more than 25 years…long before “green” was cool!  I hope if you’re reading this that you’ll take the time to give me a shout @DistinctInspirations@Gmail.com and let me show you how it can work for you and your family and household!


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