Labor Day

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I know Labor Day is a day to rest from our labors – just one day…but very little in this life permits “rest”.  We scramble our way through each day and work so hard to realize dreams, and to create a place of peace and quiet and yes, “rest”.  We see time, just like the sand in this hourglass slipping away.  To push the reset button and break away from everything.   I’ve talked to several people this week and realized that what everyone calls “Karma” or “The Ripple Effect” or “The Secret” all comes back to what God says – “You reap what you sow”.

So, if today I push the “reset” button on how I think and what I value, I hope that you will push your “reset” button with me.  It isn’t about what we can make $ or own or get for ourselves. It really is about what we can give each other.   It is about how we can benefit even one person.

Life is so hectic – all this technology makes us crazy in our pursuit of riches, when what we have right now – right this moment – our lives, mates, broken-down cars, children, grandbabies, a day without bills in the mailbox – any and all of these things can make you cry and laugh…A line from a show I’m watching just really hit home… – “So, how do I respond to that? With a smile or with gunfire? – Nope – you respond with Patience”.

For today and tomorrow and every day after that, I pray that I see that what I sow is exactly what I reap. Please, help me remember that when I forget.  I have a favorite saying that I share with many gal friends and I’m going to paraphrase it to include the guys too.  “My friend sings the song when my heart forgets the words”.


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  1. Good post and an excellent message. Thanks for sharing.


    • Posted by Glenda on September 5, 2010 at 9:31 pm

      Thank you Slamdunk – I am glad you found value in my post. I’ll be checking you out too! – Have a great holiday tomorrow!


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