Professional – Polished – Positive The 3 New P’s

This gal, has great advice in her blog and I wanted to share some of it with you, my readers…Whether you’re on the phone for an interview, or you’re calling a prospective customer or any other number of reasons we use the phone to communicate, the following are essential to clear communications…

A quiet place where you have a good phone signal is essential.

Take notes that will allow you to ask the right questions when it is your turn to speak.

Have your information handy and that it matches what you have previously discussed with your caller.

Have your caller’s information handy – Lindsay recommends NOT shuffling paper around looking for something – the more organized you are, the better the “appearance” you will make on the call.

Here’s the “DON’T” – Don’t chew gum! But she recommends that you keep a glass of water nearby for when your throat gets dry.

A huge behavior that you can project with your voice is Enthusiasm, Clarity & Motivation. – If  you lack the skill required – get a friend or spouse or even a co-worker to work with you on this.  A flat voice with little to know change in presentation or reflection will not only leave you “flat”, but it will not provide your listener with the vision you truly want them to see in your words.

Always be considerate – don’t interrupt the person you’re speaking to and always answer their questions completely & directly – hemming/hawing about will never give a good visual for the caller.

Many of us will never get a second chance beyond that phone call – we have to present ourselves as Professional, Polished, Positive!


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