Every Day!

Although this doesn’t refer to the science of “science”, this posting does work to remind me why we get up every day and do the things we do for the “science” of our “business”.  We need people who need us – and it doesn’t get any more basic than that! – – “Elementary, my dear Watson (as my fav detective of all time has said on more than one occasion).  This blog is from Paul Castain’s Sales Playbook – I’ve read it over and over and over – – now, I thought it time to pass it on to my readers…

Everyday . . .

  • A new business is born that requires your product or service.
  • A business wants to grow and they need your help.
  • A sales rep goes M.I.A. leaving an orphaned account for the taking.
  • A business moves into your area finding it easier to deal with a local company.
  • A new buyer joins the company looking to make a name for them self. That old buyer who used to tell you “No!” may have left.
  • A vendor drops the ball creating an opening for you.
  • A vendor gets complacent creating opportunity for you.
  • A rep fails to offer an idea that you have that could impact your prospect’s business.
  • A buyer just doesn’t like their rep.
  • A buyer feels like they have to continually “babysit” their vendor.
  • A buyer is managing too many vendor relationships and needs a “one source solution”.
  • A buyer hates the buying process with their vendor.
  • A buyer wants to deal with someone who isn’t just about the commission check.
  • A buyer feels like they are over paying for what they are getting. A rep misses a deadline.
  • A rep fails to communicate properly giving you an opening.
  • A company needs the benefits of your offering to help them streamline their process.
  • A company needs to get better market share . . . your idea can help.
  • A company needs happier customers, employees and shareholders . . . you’ve got the cure!
  • A buyer wishes they could find a vendor that would “get it right the first time”.
  • A referral from an existing account is there for the taking . . . you need only to ask for it!
  • A “low ball” company can’t sustain quality.
  • A sales rep gets caught in a lie to a customer losing credibility.
  • A vendor implements some stupid, non customer friendly policy.
  • A vendor raises their price making the buyer reevaluate the situation
  • A Buyer needs your awesome idea to make them look like a rock star!
  • A buyer gets FED UP!

Our job is to find these people!

Compliments of Paul Castain’s Sales Playbook



4 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you for the kind mention Glenda . . . much appreciated!

    All the best!

    Paul Castain


    • Posted by Glenda on July 22, 2010 at 4:42 am

      I appreciate all you do with your blog – You’ve taught me so much and I am honored that you reviewed & found time to comment on this submission – I invite you to read other blog entries and tell me what you think – I am learning from one of the best – You!


      • Posted by maureen salem on August 21, 2010 at 4:35 pm

        keep up the good job of educating us. I appreciate you taking the time to do this research. I also liked your blog on Jesus Christ being your Savior and Lord. Earlier today I read a saying that Len Long wrote and I’d like to share it with you.
        God can turn a mess into a message
        A test into a testimony
        A trial into a triumph
        A victim into victory because God is good all the time. May God bless you abundantly and all you love.

      • Posted by Glenda on August 21, 2010 at 4:56 pm

        Thank you Maureen! Are you on Facebook? – I’d like to connect with you there – you can find me under Glenda Pitts/Distinct Inspirations! – Thank you again and have a blessed week and I’ll keep researching! Your encouragement is just what I needed today! Talk soon!

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