Toxins are EVERYWHERE in our Children’s Lives

Do you have the resources to remove the toxins from the products you use every day? – Actually you do…

Most products bear the warning “Keep Out of Reach of Children” in bold type on the label. As consumers, we believe that if our children don’t ingest these products they will not be harmed by them. Consider though that the most common methods of exposure are through the skin and respiratory tract.

Children are frequently in contact with the chemical residues housecleaning products leave behind, by crawling, lying and sitting on the freshly cleaned floor. Children, especially infants and toddlers, frequently put their fingers in their mouths and noses, increasing risks for exposure. When infants eat solid food, how common is it that the food is placed directly on a high chair tray that has just been wiped down with a household cleaner or dish detergent?

Another factor is that, pound for pound, children’s’ exposure levels are higher than adults’ because, although the amount of chemicals in an exposure remains equal, children’s bodies are smaller so the concentration is stronger, essentially. Also, their immune systems are still developing. Thus, children are probably the highest risk population for chemical exposures through cleaning products.

For many of these same reasons, pets may also be at risk. Other populations with a pronounced risk are breast cancer victims, the elderly, asthma and allergy sufferers and those with compromised immune systems.

Follow the link to read more, but it is so much more than that – we are all living and working, running & playing 24 hours a day and many days it seems we’re doing it all  just to keep our heads above water.  We, as a society, suffer from burn-out, disappointment and sheer exhaustion and we find ourselves reaching out for anything that will bring a little relief and a little peace to our lives, our thoughts, our very beings.

When we have good news – there are only 2 reasons we don’t share it with someone. Because either we really don’t love or care for that person, or we have no confidence in our message.

(I am the Green Products Lady at and and I would love to show you in a free 30 minute consultation how to bring green in to your world. – you can also reach me at


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