Make 2010 the Year You Do It!

What is your IT? Financial Freedom? Health? Peace? A New Car? A New Home? Develop a Business Plan? Own Your Own Business? Fit in with all the “Go-Green” that is becoming consistent all over the planet?

Really, what is your dream for 2010? What is holding you back from seeing it, believing it, and acting on it? Fear of the great unknown? Fear of failure? Fear of …

You fill in the blanks.

We are what we believe we are – Right?

Turn your thoughts around and really know, understand, and believe that what you and I do matters. That what we do counts! We are NOT little cogs in a giant machine, but rather living, breathing, contributions to everything that happens around us.

Believe – Live what you say you believe – I am Loved – I am Forgiven – I am Not Alone – We are Loved – We are Forgiven – We are Not Alone!

Now – how does that relate to what we do day by day in our work and family lives? – If you believe and live what you believe you will want to take care of ALL that you have been given. Family, Work, Home, Earth.

I’m sitting here listening to a choir perform on the tv singing from the Broadway Musical “Rent” how do you measure a year? – 2009 is gone – we can’t look back BUT we must look forward – We all need more and more energy, and better health…I’ve been hit hard this week with a horrible cold. But instead of being bed-ridden for a week or more as in years past, I’ve had to slow down, but it hasn’t stopped my ability to keep going if only at 1/2 speed instead of full-speed.

There are so many little things we can all do each and every day that will help us do more in 2010! – Don’t let fear stop you! – We don’t have to add to the toxic life of the world around us. We can be a positive contribution and I want to show you how you can do it too!

Do you really want your own business? – Do you want to take the leap of faith? – Do you just want better, safer, greener products for your home and office? – – Whatever it is you want, tell me and let me know how I can help you! Because together, we can do anything!

We are Not Alone! – You are Not Alone!


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