Healthier New Year – For YOU!

Have I lost my mind? Am I too old to start a company of my own? Even if it is a part-time, home-based business? I don’t know, but I’m jumping in with both feet and I’m going to give it my all. I’ve joined up with a woman who was recruited in to the health & wellness industry and who has really found the way to make it work for her. She’s not afraid of hard work and neither am I, so I’m hoping that while I benefit her team, she in turn will teach me the tricks she’s learned over the last 10 years.

It would be silly for me to try to re-invent the wheel. She’s successful because she has other people who have helped her and now, she is paying it forward with me.

I saw an article today on asking “Is my mascara toxic” and realize how prevelent so many toxins are in our homes, in our hands, and on our children’s bodies every day.

It is scary – I’ve even learned recently that many, if not all, of the cleaning products we use are full of deadly poisons that we unaware of. I’m not trying to be the chicken crying out “the sky is falling”, but even the dryer sheets we use to soften our pillowcases with actually contain formaldehyde and we lay our heads on pillowcases hoping for a peaceful nights sleep and wonder why we wake up day after day with dull headaches that never go completely away…Well DUH!

We’ve used our cleaning products year after year with no real thought to how they might be affecting our children and this planet we all live on. Scientists are now studying links between these toxins to such things as ADD, ADHD and even Autism. There are better alternatives – and we have to get the word out – – we don’t have to keep poisoning our children, our grandchildren and the planet itself…

People may wonder why I chose the name Distinct Inspirations for my business name…I found that when I wanted to start my own company, I wanted something very different in my pursuits – Distinct to me stands for unique and Inspirations meant motivation. A unique motivation is exactly what has led me to the company I am now with.

Healthier supplements that actually absorb in to our body, cleaning products that are better at their job AND better for us…non-toxic, completely safe, with no Skull & Bones on the bottles – Unique Motivation – Distinct Inspirations -I look forward to hearing from many of you – because this is the “last business” I will have to build.

With better products than you can find in your stores and safer, at better prices than even your local dollar store for many of them – who wouldn’t want that for their famliy and that’s why I know many of you will be in touch! I’m a Granny too and I am horrified by what I’ve used in my home all these years. But, not any more…CONTACT ME at for more information!!!


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